About Us

Located in Walton Street, Chelsea, Eliot Zed is an independent, family-owned boutique specialising in comfortable, stylish footwear. All our shoes are lightweight, made of the softest materials, and masterfully stitched.


Not only do we have ready-to-wear shoes in-store, but we pride ourselves on our popular bespoke/made to order service. Encompasing a broad selection of styles and shapes, we have experts on hand to tailor shoes to suit your needs.


Eliot Zed was founded in 1997 by Co-Owner Sylvia. It was then she began working with factories to design models that were comfortable no matter the occasion. So began a fruitful relationship now over two decades long. Today we collaborate with 6 independant Italian shoemakers (each specialising in a different type of footwear) in whom we place the utmost trust. 


For Sylvia, keeping a timeless yet modernised feel has always been at the core of Eliot Zed shoes.


In 2012, Sylvia’s son David joined the company, bringing a background in operations, and project management, which works seamlessly with his mother’s creativity.


Eliot Zed’s growth has been completely organic, showcasing the premium quality of our products, and the bespoke approach we offer with every in-store experience.